A cocktail for amazing hair

“I would like to share my favorite product cocktail that I use for all types of hair. I simply adjust the amount of each I use based on the amount of hair and the hold and shine the hair needs. I love to start with the new Vita Luxe creme (1/2 squirt to 2 squirts) before I even comb the hair out, primarily on the ends and/or tangles and comb through. The next is Mica gel (a dime to a quarter size) which has amazing hold without weight. Apply at the base and massage throughout, blow dry etc.”

The Vitashine Lux crème Leave-in styling cream is an exceptional product with a lightweight formula that contains acai extract along with wheat and silk proteins. This element gives the hair cuticles a moisturizing effect till the ends of the hair. This brilliant formula increases the elasticity and also gives the hair a strength that lacks keratin. It also gives the hair a thermal protection which reduces hair breakage with a healthy and polished look all over the day.

After the Vita Shine Lux Creame, Mica gel forms a great combination. The Mica Hold gel is the gel that will give your hair an ultimate style. It has the amazing power to hold the hair exactly the way you want. Mica gel is made with botanical extracts to keep the hair in a healthy condition.
Using vita shine lux crème is really simple with a towel of dry hair after shampoo and condition with the ever charming vita shine hydrating shampoo and conditioner and apply a small amount of vita shine lux crème to the fingers and palm. Move your fingers and palm into the hair and comb through. Leave it like this after uses and do not rinse it.

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