Get ready to get in the Pool

“Chlorimed Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner

My clients love this aloe vera-based product because it cleans their hair with no chemicals, leaving hair soft, bright, and shiny, holding the styling well.”

The chlorimed conditioner leave in Protector with sunscreen from the John Amico helps to protect your hair from ill effect of chlorine in pool or tap water. The brilliant chlorine neutralizing formula gets you rid of the dryness and prevents color fading. The sunscreen ingredients shield treat your hair with chemical preventing fading and moisture loss.

The direction to use this product is as simple and fast, you just need to spray it on your hair before getting into a pool or going shower. In the event of direct sunlight, you may apply a light coat of Chlorimed Protective Conditioner to hair and that will ensure the full protection against the chlorine and other impurities and for even better results you may use with Chlorimed Purifying Shampoo, followed by Chlorimed Protective Conditioner before styling.

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Seh HO Mendenhall
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

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