A gel that never lets your hair down

John Amico Mica Firm Hold Gel is the ultimate styling gel“Mica Firm Hold Gel
This long-time favorite works with all hair types, creating an intense shine and controlling even problem hair without flaking. It will hold your style where you want it for a long time.”

The one of the most famous product f John Amico, Mica Firm Hold Gel is the ultimate styling gel. It enforces an exceptional hold that allows you to keep your hair exactly how you want to remain. You can use it to create by either dry or wet look while controlling permed hair or natural waves. Mica Gel is blended with botanical extracts to keep hair in a healthy condition.

In order to use the Mica Firm Hold gel, after your shampoo, towel your dry hair. Apply a sufficient amount of Mica Gel and work evenly throughout hair. You may Set or style in your own style. Do not rinse. Drying under hairdryer, lamps or air-drying produces a non-oily wet look; for full fluffy styles just brush through and get the look you have wanted.

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Seh HO Mendenhall
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

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