A Solution for Thinning Hair

John Amico Biovitatin Step 1- Shampoo

This is an advanced 3 step process called “Bio Vita Tin“. I used all these 3 products on thinning hair and the hair is growing….. just fantastic. As a Licensed Professional Stylist, I was concerned about advising my clients about the product, until I was sure it would Work. I ask several clients to try the products and did not make any claims. I only suggested they try the product. Bio Vita Tin is proven, highly-effective treatment that will promote growth and leave the hair shiny and manageable. Now my clients who tried the product are all noticing a real difference.

I strongly recommend that if you have thinning hair that this 3 step process will promote fuller thicker-looking hair while helping to stimulate new growth by infusion of Vitamin B7 “VITA” and Biotin.

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Sally Smith
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

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