A Shampoo that cares the color

By far, my most favorite back bar item is Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner.
I explain to my clients how important it is to use shampoo and conditioner on their color treated hair, especially here in Florida.
It prevents color from fading when used as a daily shampoo, it gently cleanses your hair and the conditioner has extra moisturizers and gives the maximum conditioning for color permed or relaxed hair.
I highly recommend it.”


Lady J Shampoo is specially designed to care for colored and treated hair. This shampoo protects and enhances the color, leaving it vibrant and shiny over time. It protects hair from the water purifying materials which hamper the hair color fading them and also enriches the hair with vital nutrients.

The use of the Lady J Shampoo is just to gently massage through wet hair, rinse and repeat if needed. For best results follow with Lady J Sensual Conditioner. The ingredients of this shampoo contain pearl extract.

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Jeannie Zenere Cancialosi
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist