Shampoo & Conditioner for great Hair

Vitashine shampoo and conditioner have become my one-size-fits-all, go to for high-performance Products.
This anti color fade formula leaves the hair clean, soft, tangle-free and manageable.
This system works on all hair types and is not for your color clients only. I love the Vita shine shampoo and conditioner for making my life easier.

Vitashine Hydrating shampoo softly cleanses the hair along with a great moisturisation without fading or stripping the hair color. This is a sulfate free formula with anti-fade features that delivers a good lather with vital hydration retaining the color.

It’s very easy to use with the application to the wet hair and lather from the scalp till the end of the hair. It is recommended to use warm water and if needed you may repeat the process. The best results can be achieved with the combination of Vitashine Hydrating Conditioner.

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John Zeman Sr
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist