A styling cream for all day long

“Vitashine Lux Creme: Amazing cream for the hair, a leave-in treatment that soothes the ends of the hair, adding moisture and also enhancing the drying time during the style.
And added use I have found is on the second day to break down the hairspray and Reiron the hair use a small dot and apply to the hair and then flat iron. Also, removes waterproof mascara without damage to the lashes.
Enjoy the Vita lux and add lots of shine and condition to your hair.”

Vitashine Lux Leave-In Styling Cream is an exceptional, lightweight formulated solution that contains acai extract and wheat & silk proteins which moisturize the hair from its cuticles to the ends of the hair. This exceptional blends of formula increase the elasticity and give a strength to the keratin deprived hair. It also provides the hair a thermal protection and reduces breakage, which ultimately gives the hair a healthy and polished look all day long.

After shampoo and the conditioning the hair with Vitashine Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, take a small amount of Vitashine Lux Crème in the fingers or palm and apply to the hair gently. Leave it after the application after combing and applying to the hair but do not rinse out.

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Rhonda Murphy
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist