Best Shampoo for your Kids

Kleen Kids Hair & body shampoo: This is a mild tear free shampoo cleanses great with leaving the hair feeling soft. In fact, one of my clients said her kid’s hair felt so soft and no tangles when it dried. It has a wonderful grape smell that kids love. To use put about a dime size in your hand and lather the hair and body. Then rinse. PH balanced so it won’t hurt the eyes.

Kleen Kidz Tear-Free Shampoo makes wash-up time fun. This mild formula gently cleanses scalps and delicate skin from head to toe. Perfect for children of all ages.

Dispense a few drops into hands or washcloth; work into hair and body, lather and rinse.

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Nanette Flowers
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist



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  1. Thanks for this article, choice of best product for our child is very important. There are lots of fake products available in the market which can be harmful to our child. Thanks for this knowledgeable article I will wait for your next article.

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