Conditioner to dry and damaged harir

Biominoil Leave-in Conditioner: This is a wonderful go to product that helps recondition and strengthen dry damaged hair! It contains natural oils from seaweed, Kelp, and many others that help to restore your hair to a healthy natural state. Use daily on towel dried hair leave in and style.

INSTANTLY CONDITIONS AND RESTORES HAIR GIVING IT HEALTHY SHINE & BODY Brittle tired hair loses volume and bounce when it loses minerals. This special formula of oil protects the hair sheath while our exclusive moisturizing “Marine Pool” restores minerals and micro elements to your hair.

Use daily to protect and restore your hair. After shampooing hair, towel dry and lightly mist the full hair length. No need to rinse, simply blow dry and style hair as usual.

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Nanette Flowers
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist


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