My favorite Styling product

”My favourite styling product is the Biocomplex eleven fluid. It works on any hair type, even my fine hair ladies that need frizz control and softness. It isn’t heavy or sticky and smells great! It gives it shine and smoothness with just round brush blow drying. It protects against the heat of blow dryers and irons, conditioning at the same time!”


The bio-complex eleven fluid is enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin, this intensive mask spray solves in a single step the most frequent problems of hair. Multi-functioning and innovative, it has the consistency and properties of a hair mask and the convenience offered by a spray. 11 benefits include: Builds strength and shine, creates body and volume, leaves hair soft and silky, produces the anti-frizz effect, makes detangling a breeze, reconstructs after colouring, treats split ends, produces long-lasting results, helps with hair drying, enhances flat-ironing, protects from UV rays.


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Betty Cruz
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist

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