A great product for Scalp and skin treatment

“Medaclear – The best product I have ever used! I had a client who had terrible symptoms of psoriasis, so when he came in I shampooed his hair with Medaclear, then he purchased a bottle. The next day I answer the phone to I LOVE YOU! Here it was this same man, he said his scalp has never felt better with Just the use of Medaclear.”

Medaclear is the John Amico’s secret formula that cleanses the scalp and the hair shaft to relieve the itching in scalp, dryness, irritations and also preventing the dandruff flakes. Its really very safe for the permed or color treated hair and Medaclear will make your hair shiny and more manageable.

The direction to use the Medaclear is on the wet hair, after applying, massage the scalp, rinse it and you may repeat it if necessary. You can also achieve a maximum dandruff control and you may use it everytime after shampooing your hair. For the best results you can use it twice a weak or as directed by your hair expert or doctor.

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