A Shampoo I can rely

I use Chlormied shampoo every time I shampoo a clients hair. It removes build-up due to swimming, hairspray, minerals, medication and many other reasons. So I have a clean slate to work with. Chlorimed shampoo also prevents UV rays from fading and drying out the hair. How to use leave on for 5 min for a good cleanse or for heavy build-up bag and process under a dryer.

Chlorimed is a delicate shampoo that removes impurities from the hair, including chlorine; all medications; iron; sulphur; copper; chemicals contained in hard water, tap water, & hot tub water; in addition to minerals contained in acid rain. All of these impurities attach themselves to the protein of the hair, which can cause the hair to become dry, brittle, and damaged, which may result in breakage. It is necessary to remove any impurities to achieve healthy hair and restore your natural sheen.

Apply to wet hair, lather and cleanse thoroughly; rinse with warm water. Repeat process for excessively oily hair. For best results use Chlorimed Conditioner.

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Nanette Flowers
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist


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