A styling foam to give volume

“It does not matter if it’s a late night party, or an event to attend in the morning, Casablanca Styling Foam is always a great foam that gives a long lasting volume to the hair which never lets your hair down. The specially formulated Casablanca Styling Foam also keeps the hair hydrated and also prevents the hair color fading”. 

Casablanca Styling Foam is a unique, ultra light, non-sticky, non-greasy formula, designed to give fullness, texture, and shine, to all hair types without weighing it down. This non-aerosol, environmentally safe hair styling product is effective and versatile. Casablanca Styling Foam with Argan Oil, not only conditions and hydrates your hair but is specially formulated to provide volume and lift to the hair root with a long-lasting hold. It also protects your hair from heat styling while a built-in sunscreen prevents hair color from fading. Casablanca Styling Foam with Argan Oil naturally renews cell structure and consistently seals in shine to dull lifeless hair – producing silky perfection for all hair types. Results are best when used in conjunction with John Amico’s Casablanca Shampoo, Casablanca Conditioner, and Casablanca Oil.


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Sally Smith
Licensed Professional Hair Stylist


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